About the Authors

Byron LeBeau is the internet pen name of Brian Levens whose occupations included teaching English & selling insurance for many
years. After having experience working with the then world’s authority on UFOs, the now-deceased Colman Von Keviczky
during the 1970s & 80s, Brian decided to become a UFO researcher in his own backyard on Long Island, N.Y., joining a local
UFO investigative group. It was the springboard for his subsequent UFO & paranormal discussions, produced & hosted by Brian
on local public access TV, circa 1995.

By the end of 2005, Brian met both Greg Messina & Richard Stout through a “coincidental” series of UFO-related events, which
actually led to the present collaboration between Richard & Brian “brokered” by Greg.

The fruit of this combined endeavor is THE CURS-ED NET. The importance of this book can be summed up with the following
admonition: To be forewarned is to be forearmed!


Richard Stout grew up on Long Island and as a teenager had seen many strange things that got him interested in the UFO mystery. As time
went on Richard married, had children and settled on Long Island. In the eighties he and a friend started a UFO organization that
investigated many important UFO sightings from which during that time he was witness to many UFO flaps. Soon, a spiritual battle
was raging inside him. Becoming so overwhelmed by it he cried out to the Holy Father for His Son, Jesus Christ. Immediately at the
end of the prayer a heavy weight was literally lifted out of his chest.

Today, Richard knows that it was evil spirits that dwelt within him. But now through a true and strong relationship with Jesus, Richard
has found true peace. After all of this not one UFO incident has happened to him since then.