A Biblical Reality of the UFO and Abduction Phenomenon
by Byron LeBeau & Richard Stout

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Logically laid out and described... It is a well thought out and presented thesis and superbly written as such.
...Eyebrows may be raised higher than the usual UFO subject brings about.  -
This is not a book you can just pick up and read. The good thing is, it makes you pick up your Bible and computer and forces you to think and pray...thanks
to the men who co-authored this book, you helped me understand a lot of hard sayings.

-Stephen D. (from Scotland)
...The CURS-ED NET blows the cover of these evil sinister forces of deception. Recommended for ALL Truth seekers...
...I could not put it down!  I sincerely believe that it has a place in the required reading of people interested in the relationship between UFO and demonic activity. 
-Stephen Yulish, PhD 
(Author & writer for UFO Digest.com)
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